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18. října 2009 v 9:45 | Neki Luminnes ver Leth |  An cafe
No tak blomám po a narazím na Test-An Cafe Lovestory.... Adresa :HERE

Akoráte mi moc nejde angličtina a nechce se mi to překládat takže opravdu newm co mi vyšlo....pouze to, že se ožením s MIKU (což je krajně nepravděpodobné NEMOŽNÉ)Jinak kdyby mi to někdo přeložil byla bych opravdu vděčná takže tady výsledek:

Your Result

you got....MIKU!!!
which means you ARE destined to be with him!! :DDD
he is the lead singer of the group 'an cafe'
Birthday: January 5th (It's strawberry day!)
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Cooking, guitar, shopping, bathing

Food you like: Ramen, steak, sushi, Hiroshimayaki, tondon
Brands you like: LHP, JACKROSE, BLGALI, Justine Davies, ROYALORDER
Colors you like: Black, White, red, gold, silver
Cigarettes: Pianissimo 1mg
Perfume: QUASAR
Shampoo: Kur for colored hair
Piercings: four*
Message: It's nyappy o(≧∀≦)o Miku. I always recieve energy from the cafekkos. Thank you. ☆
Miku Rabbit
Love Story+Who You Marry:you were a lolita fan meaning pretty much you dressed up in lolita clothes and it was your job because you were also in an 'all' girl band you HAVE played with an cafe and your biggest crush was miku,okay so one day you were taking a nice long walk in a super cute disguise many guys were looking at you and whistling, you just kept ignoring them and kept walking when suddenly someone grabbed your shoulder you thought it may have been one of those guys that were checking you out,it made you mad "look! just leave me alone okay!?" you said turning around to see miku from 'an cafe' "m-m-miku!?" you said blushing "you want me to leave you alone?" he said frowning "oh! i didnt mean you its just some guys were..." "oh! that,yeah i know how you feel a lot of girls were starring at me but wheni walked to you they thought i was your boyfriend" he said laughing "boyfriend!?" you said blushing "speaking of boyfriends,you have one?" miku said blushing slightly,and you blushed really red "n-n-no! i broke up with mine a couple of weeks ago.." you said frowning "oh i see sorry..." "its ok...what about you do you have a girlfriend?" you said blushing "no im not interested in anyone but one person but i dont know if she likes me back.." he said smiling " she?" you said gulping he just shook his head saying 'no' "can you at least tell me the first initials?" you said getting closer to his face "y" he said "y? ok second letter?" "o" he said "third letter?" "u" he said smiling "fourth?" "thats all" he said smiling "you? who's that----me!?" you said getting even closer to his face making yours and his lips nearly touch "yup,so do you wanna go out?" he said laughing you just blushed and gave him a sweet kiss making him kiss back "yup i will" you said jumping onto his arms and from then on you two were dating~ :D
1 year later (who do you marry): miku proposed to you with donald duck his puppet holding a small black box with a ring and of course you accepted and you two were as happy as you could ever be~
what they think of you:
miku:i love ____ so much! im happy we both share the same feelings
bou:she's cute!!
kanon:she's like a little sister to me :)
teruki:she's cool!! and she's knows how to play drums!!
yuuki:my idol!!! :DDDDD
takuya:im cuter than her *pouts*

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